Sunday 30th July 2023
International Commitments in England for Maltese drivers

This weekend, the Malta Racing Club and its members had a busy schedule both on an international and national level. Whilst Sunday evening marks the end of the first part of the home season with the Cisk Lager Summer Championship Finals, on Saturday and Sunday, five Maltese drivers were engaged in an international exchange at the british race track of York. Participating in a racing meeting held between TROT Britain, responsible for Trot Racing in Great Britain and the British Horse Racing Club, its counter part for pacing races, Maltese drivers Raymond Schembri, Kirsten Axisa, Ivan Stivala, Nelson Azzopardi and Anthony Mallia participated in two race with other 5 british drivers. On Saturday’s race, the best results were obtained by Ivan Stivala who was fourth on CEDRE PIERJI whilst Nelson Azzopardi succeeded a fifth place on ELENA DU MOULIN. On Sunday’s event Malta registered a victory with an excellent performance by Nelson Azzopardi on HOLD UP BROUETS whilst Raymond Schembri was fourth on AMADEO DE JELMA and Kirsten Axisa fifth on HERNANI D’ORIENT.

These races were part of an exchange that will see the Malta Racing Club hosting a british delegation for racing in Malta this coming October. The Maltese drivers were accompanied by members of the Malta Racing Club namely Paul Gafa, Karl Debono, Mario Baldacchino and Sandro Caruana as well as Max Zammit and John Huber, respectively CEO and Chairperson of EQUESTRIMalta who supported and sponsored the Maltese contingent for this visit in England.