Tuesday 21st March 2023
Executive Security Championship Final

For the 4th consecutive year, Executive Security through its Director Stephen Ciangura are the sponsors of the Silver category championship. This championship is now being regarded as one of the awaited fixtures of the season and participation has always been a very good one.


During the weekend of 4th and 5th March 74 horses participated in seven heats from which 33 eventually made it to the three semi finals which were raced on Saturday 18th March. In these two phases we assisted to some very well balanced races and a very good level of competition was reached with well fought out finishes and good timings.


Earlier today, the owners were invited to assist to the draws for the final which will be held on Sunday 2nd April. These draws determined the starting numbers of the 12 horses who will be racing over the distance of 2140m.


A trophy and commemorative horse blanket will be awarded to the winner with trophies also given to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed. Apart from this personalised horse numbers will be used which after the race will be a coveted keepsake for each owner.


An increase in prize money compared to previous editions will also be handed out totalling €1775 to be distributed between the first four finishers.


Present for these draws were the Director and Administration Manager of Executive Security Stephen and Iler Ciangura as well as the Licensing and Compliance Manager of EquestriMalta Josef Grixti.


These were the draws:


1.       Equateur Mauzun

2.       Delta de l’Erdre

3.       Diablo de Forgan

4.       Cesario

5.       Deede Star

6.       Classic d’Urzy

7.       Star’s Fighter

8.       Gringo Boko

9.       Foppa Sisu

10.   Durfan

11.   Moon Zappa

12.   Askö Giant

Lorraine Cunningham

Public Relations & Media Coordinator

Malta Racing Club