Thursday 2nd March 2023
Assikura Gold Championship Final

Assikura Insurance Brokers Ltd and the Malta Racing Club enjoy a collaboration of more than 15 years and it is with pleasure that we announce that this has been renewed with the signing of a further two year agreement with the Malta Equidrome. In fact the competitive part of the racing season as usual was opened with the heats of the Assikura Championship for Gold category horses with 7 heats taking place on Sunday 12th February in which 77 horses took part. This meant that there was an increase of 8 horses and one race from the year before. Amongst these participants we saw the participation of 6 new horses three of which have also made it to the final.


The first five finishers from these qualifying races made it to the semi finals which this year amounted to three races so that on Sunday 26th February the 12 horses that will be racing against each other in the final of Sunday 12th March were made known. The high level of competition during these semi finals has everyone in anticipation for the final race.


The distance of this competition is 2140m and trophies will be awarded to the first four finishers whilst the winning horse will also receive a commemorative horse blanket. This year we are also seeing a huge increase in the total prize money for the final as it is double that of the last edition for a total of €3200.


Present for this press conference was the Managing Director of Assikura Insurance Brokers Mr Andrew Grech, Malta Racing Club’s representative Mr Anthony Demanuele and Malta Equidrome’s CEO Dr Matthew Brincat.


At the end of the press conference the starting numbers for the horses were drawn in the presence also of the owners.


1. CAID SLY (Ludvic Ghigo)

2. EL GUSTO (Cherise Farrugia)

3. KASPER TROT (Rodney Gatt)

4. BARA MIN (Clint Gauci)

5. DERBY D’URZY (Jesmar Gafà)

6. EURYTHMIC SISU (Paul Galea)

7. AKELA PLAY (t.b.a.)

8. EVEREST DODVILLE (Redent Magro)

9. EDEN PETTEVINIERE (Noel Baldacchino)

10. DARLING ATOUT (Julian Farrugia)

11. CAPRICE DE COSSE (Clint Vassallo)

12. DALDRY DE L’ANTE (Marco Debono)


Lorraine Cunningham

Public Relations & Media Coordinator

Malta Racing Club