Friday 6th August 2021
MRTL Summer Championship Finals

The seven finals forming part of the Summer Championships will be raced next Sunday 8th August and for the fourth consecutive year these are possible thanks to the financial aid of the Marsa Race Track Limited consortium.


This year this championship was spread over two legs during which each horse had the possibility to race over the 2140m and 2640m distance. In all 6 programmes were held with a total of 53 races covering seven categories and horses were awarded points according to their order of finish in each race from first to tenth place. The twelve horses that gained the most points in each category had the right to participate in the finals and in the case where in twelfth place horses had the same number of points the decision was made according to best placings and if these were the same then best timings were taken into consideration.


The seven finals will be raced over the 2140m distance and apart from trophies more than ten thousand euro will be distributed in prize money.


The first final will take off at 7:00 pm and as we are still following pandemic restrictions and no spectators are allowed at the racetrack, the general public can follow these races in a live transmission on the Malta Racing Club’s YouTube Channel and Facebook page.



Lorraine Cunningham

Public Relations & Media Coordinator

Malta Racing Club