Friday 25th June 2021
Chukkas Sette Giugno Cup Final



The first part of the 2021 horse racing season will come to an end on Sunday 4th July with the much awaited Chukkas Sette Giugno Cup Final for Premier category horses.


Because we had just over two months of no races due to the restrictions imposed by the Health Superintendent related to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was impossible to hold the final as usual on 7th June but instead this saw the start of the championship. In fact the 7 heats in which 71 of Malta’s best trotters participated, were held on the 6th June. This championship is being raced over the 2140m distance and three semi finals raced on the 20th June saw 12 horses qualifying for the final.


Appreciation is due to Martin Arrigo on behalf of the renowned Chukkas Restaurant who once again is giving financial support for this championship to be organised notwithstanding all the difficulties brought on by the pandemic. One has to mention that this championship was not held last year as racing was suspended during the months of April, May and June due to the pandemic.


An interesting fact is that the three horses that won the semi finals were all horses that made their first local start in the heats of this championship. A well fought out final is expected with some high level racing which one can follow during the live transmission on the Malta Racing Club’s facebook page and YouTube channel. The final will be the 8th race of the programme starting at 9:40 pm.


Assisting to the draws, apart from the owners, there was also the Malta Racing Club’s and EquesriMalta’s Chairman Judge Emeritus Antonio Mizzi and Malta Racing Club Council member Joe Zerafa.


These are the draws (in paranthesis their drivers):


1. BRASIL DE BAILLY (Michael Ellul)

2. ASTER DES CAILLONS (Charles Degiorgio)

3. TACK WEE (Jonathan J. Farrugia)

4. VASCO DE VIETTE (Cliferty Calleja)


6. ROMANESQUE (Jesmar Gafa’)

7. DUNBAR (Noel Baldacchino)

8. EAGLE B. BUTCHER (Clint Vassallo)

9. CRUSOE D’ANAMA (Charles Camilleri)

10. VINCENT HORSE (Paul Galea)

11. BALZAC DE L’ITON (Marco Refalo)

12. VERTIGE DE CHENU (Julian Farrugia)


Lorraine Cunningham

Public Relations & Media Coordinator

Malta Racing Club