Tuesday 25th May 2021
Assikura Championship Finals

The first two finals for this season will be raced on Friday 4th June thanks to the financial support of Assikura Insurance Brokers so that the Malta Racing Club could once again organise the Gold and Bronze Championships.


The heats for these two championships, which are being raced over the 2140m distance, were held between the 28th February and 7th March during which 93 horses participated in 8 Bronze Category heats and 70 horses took part in 7 Gold Category heats.


Due to the restrictions imposed by the Superintendent of Public Health, races were suspended and thus we had to wait more than two months for the semi finals to be raced. The three Bronze semi finals were raced on Friday 21st May from which the 12 finalists were known and whose draws were done on Monday morning. The three Gold Semi Finals were raced on Sunday and also 12 finalists were made known and today the owners assisted to the draws during a press conference held at the Malta Racing Club.


The press conference was addressed by the Chairman of the Malta Racing Club and  EquestriMalta Judge Emeritus Antonio Mizzi as well as the Managing Director of Assikura Insurance Brokers Andrew Grech.


These were the draws:


1.       RAMON DEKKERS (Cliferty Calleja)

2.       XCEED G.T. (Clint Vassallo)

3.       WHAT YOU WANT (Michael Ellul)

4.       BRAVEHEART JIEL (Claudio Refalo)

5.       KASPER TROT (Rodney Gatt)

6.       BRIN DE NOBLESSE (Jesmar Gafa’)

7.       ATUS PICKEN (Jean Claude Pace)

8.       BARON DE MAJUAG (Alessandro Grech)

9.       CYRIUS DU LORAULT (Redent Magro)

10.   CHEMSAK VEDAQUAIS (Jeffrey Said)

11.   GIGANT WELL (Charles Degiorgio)

12.   AMI DE CLERLANDE (Noel Baldacchino)




Lorraine Cunningham

Public Relations & Media Coordinator

Malta Racing Club