Wednesday 12th August 2020
MRTL Summer Championship Finals

Next Sunday the seven MRTL Summer Championship Finals will be raced at the Marsa Racetrack in extraordinary circumstances whereas usually we count upon a crowd of around two thousand people due to the Covid 19 restrictions imposed by the authorities spectators will be limited to 300 people.


Competition during this championship has been phenomenal during which we had a total of 10 meetings comprising of 90 races where horses could race a maximum of three times in order to try and acquire points according to the order of finish from 1st to 10th place. A total of 438 horses received points from which 12 horses were selected in each of the seven categories so that 84 horses will be trying to win one of the honours next Sunday.


During Sunday’s programme a total of €10,275 in prize money will be distributed whilst trophies will be given to the first four finishers in each category and the seven winning horses will also receive a commemorative blanket.


As the general public is being asked to follow these finals from home, the Malta Racing Club has made arrangements so that the whole programme is aired live on YouTube as well as the Malta Racing Club’s FaceBook page.


Apart from officials from the Malta Racing Club, two Directors from the Marsa Race Track Limited Consortium will be present namely Messrs Frankie Schembri and Johann Farrugia.


First final starts at 7:00 pm.



Lorraine Cunningham

Public Relations & Media Coordinator

Malta Racing Club