Tuesday 30th June 2020
MRTL Summer Championship

After nearly 4 months that the Marsa Race Track had to cancel its racing programmes due to the Covid19 pandemic, our racing season will continue on Friday 3rd July with the commencement of the Summer Championship.


We are pleased to announce that for the third consecutive year the championship finals are going to be supported financially by MRTL, the consortium that will be taking over development of the racetrack in the near future.


Harness racing owners and drivers have been waiting in anticipation for this championship and in the last weeks they have been eagerly preparing their horses. This was quite evident in the number of horses registered to take part with four meetings being organised as opposed to the planned three.


A total of 461 trotters of which 67 are new ones, will be taking part in 32 races and they will be allotted points according to the order of finish. The finals of this championship are programmed for Sunday 16th August and each horse will have the opportunity to race a maximum of three races in the upcoming weeks. Horses will be taking part in seven different categories and those horses that acquire the greatest number of points in each category gain the right to participate in the respective final.  Each final will be disputed between 12 horses.


Tuesday afternoon it was confirmed that the general public will be able to attend these race meetings and as always we hope that the attendance will be a good one. Still the Malta Racing Club Council has seen fit to also cater for those enthusiasts who for some reason or other will not be able to make it to the track and for the first time in local horse racing history the races will be accessible on social media as well as the Malta Racing Club web page just a few minutes after the race is terminated and the official result is issued.


We would also like to draw the owners attention that access to the paddock is limited only to the drivers and two adults per horse. It is important that everyone entering the paddock including the drivers has to wear a protective face mask.


First race starts at 7:00 pm.