Monday 20th April 2020
Suspension of Races

The MRC Council notifies that until the Country's Authorities give the go ahead that sport activities can be organised with fear of contamination by the Covid19 virus, races will remain suspended indefinitely.

We appreciate the fact that all of you want to see the continuation of the racing season but we need to respect and adhere to the orders and instructions being given for everyone's well being.

We also stress once again that until another notice is issued, no one can participate in group organised training sessions in the main and old racetrack. For horse training it is permitted that the driver and only one other person accompanies the horse. No one is permitted to pass time in the paddock or on the MRC premises.

All other rules and regulations pertaining to the use of both the old and main racetrack are still applicable.

Anyone caught breaking these instructions will be subject to strict disciplinary action.