Wednesday 16th October 2019
President's Cup Final

The 19th edition of the President’s Cup will be raced on Sunday 27th October and details of this event were presented during a press conference held earlier today in the presence of the owners of the twelve finalist horses.


As usual this final will be under the Patronage of The President of Malta and in fact this will be the first one for the present President His Excellency Dr George Vella. Even though this is ultimately a horse race but our main aim is also to collect funds for the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.


On behalf of the Malta Racing Club Council the Press Conference was addressed by the Public Relations and Media Coordinator Lorraine Cunningham who first of all congratulated all the owners and drivers for having made it to this prestigious final considered to be the second best honour for local trotters after the Tazza l-Kbira.


This year the final is being held earlier than last year in order to make it possible for all Premier Category horses to compete. Whilst this year this championship is being solely funded by the Malta Racing Club itself, we are appealing upon the generosity of the owners so that as has been done during the previous editions the winning owners donate part of the prize money to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.


Apart from the prize money those finishing in the first four places will receive a trophy whilst the winner will be engraving his name on the artistic trophy designed by George Muscat and commissioned by President Emeritus George Abela. A commemorative horse blanket will also be given to the winning horse.


H.E. The President of Malta has already confirmed his presence for this final for which as usual a special programme has been planned. We will also have the traditional shetland pony trotting race driven by the students of the Horse Racing Academy whilst it will be the children themselves that will accompany the finalist drivers to the presentation podium as they receive a token of participation.


Young Neil Aquilina will be welcoming the President with the singing of the National Anthem whilst honouring the winning horse with a victory song as soon as the result is made official.


First race starts at 1:15pm whilst the final will be raced at 4:15 pm.


Amongst the 12 finalists we also have last year’s winning horse Global Oracle. 


At the end of the press conference, the owners of the finalist horses chose the starting numbers behind the autostart as follows:


1.      1.  ULYSSE DU BOUCHET (Paul Galea)

2.      2.  AXEL TILLY (Charles Camilleri)

3.      3.  VISCONTI (Jesmar Gafa’)

4.     4.   STORMBRINGER G.R. (Rodney Gatt)

5.      5.  VICHENKO CHEF (Noel Baldacchino)

6.      6.  MIND YOUR FACE (Clint Vassallo)

7.      7.  UNTIL OAKS (Owen Borg)

8.      8.  GLOBAL ORACLE (Cliferty Calleja)

9.      9.  VAKATO (Chris Grech)

10. 10.   ALAIN D’OCCAGNES (Ludvig Ghigo)

11. 11.   UN AMOUR DU PONT (Andrew Farrugia)

12.  12.  ULTRA DE VINDECY (Michael Ellul)

President’s Cup Honour Roll:


Summer 1992  Zito Bob (Tony Tanti)

1992/1993       Sanit (Charles Clifton)

1993/1994       Alto Be (Frencu Cassar)

1994/1995       Major Bill (John Briffa)

1995/1996       Huggie Hanover (Raymond Clifton)

1996/1997       Huggie Hanover (Raymond Clifton)

1997/1998       Captain Trackline (Joseph Scicluna)

1998/1999       Bambin d’Orleans (Philip Giordmaina)

2004                Huit Mars (Michael Seychell)

2010                Lucas Ness (Mario Farrugia)

2011                Livi Cantona (Charles Camilleri)

2012                Mont Cenis Honey (Noel Baldacchino)

2013                Gently di Poggio (Brian Zammit)

2014                Pedro Vici (Johann Axisa)

2015                Vasterbo Paradise (Claudio Refalo)

2016                Uhal Berven (Rodney Gatt)

2017                Tip Top Nelliere (Michael Ellul)

2018                Global Oracle (Noel Baldacchino)




Lorraine Cunningham

Public Relations & Media Coordinator

Malta Racing Club