Sunday 21st January 2018

The Malta Racing Club Council notifies that it shall start receiving nominations from those wishing to contest the election to represent the Horse Owners and Drivers on the Malta Racing Club Council during the 2018 season.  All those wishing to do so have to be a paid Owner or Driver and  can pick up a nominations form from the office of the Malta Racing Club.  The form has to be filled up by one paid owner/driver nominee and two paid owners/drivers secondants.

The filled up forms can be handed in at the Malta Racing Club office between Tuesday 30th January and noon on Sunday 4th February 2018.  Late forms will not be considered.  Each form has to be accompanied by a photo of the contestant.

The election for the three representatives will be done over three days from the 9th to the 11th February 2018 and it is important that all paid up members participate in this election in order to choose who will be representing them.

In order to make it easier for all members to vote, on Friday 9th February a station will be opened in Gozo for the Gozitan drivers and owners.

Eligible to vote will be all owners and drivers with a paid membership up to 7th February.