Wednesday 21st December 2016
Twanny Bugeja Memorial

Earlier this morning a press conference was held at the Board Room of the Malta Racing Club in order to launch the Twanny Bugeja Equestrian Festival which will be held at the racetrack on Boxing Day.


The press conference was addressed by the Finance Minister Hon. Edward Scicluna as well as the Chairman of the Malta Racing Club Mr Edwin Borg.  Also present was Twanny Bugeja’s widow Mrs Polly Bugeja.


The chairman of the Malta Racing Club Mr Edwin Borg said that the Christmas racing programme is always one which is much looked forward to by all horse racing enthusiasts because this is a different programme than those held during the official season and as such is a feast during which one forgets all the hard work and sacrifices endured during the year and a chance to have fun with family and friends. During this programme owners have the opportunity to drive their own horses whereas during the season they might prefer to leave the reins in the hands of more experienced drivers. Many of these drivers will be seeking to win their first race whilst others will be trying to make up for the disappointment of a not so good season without registering a victory.


This year this racing programme has a greater meaning as it is going to be dedicated to the memory of Twanny Bugeja someone who is well known with all horse racing enthusiasts.  He was a dedicated horse racing journalist as well as the racetrack’s commentator for many years.  Unfortunately he succumbed to cancer two years ago and at that time he was serving as the Malta Racing Club’s General Secretary.


It was the wish of the Finance Minister Hon. Edward Scicluna that we launch the first edition of this racing festival in memory of Twanny Bugeja and so it is being financed through the Good Causes Fund.  It is the intention that this festival will be held every year.


The racing programme will be a varied one to appeal to everyone with pony, flat and trot races.  Apart from monetary prizes each winner is going to be given a trophy.


The Chairman took the opportunity to thank the Hon. Edward Scicluna for this financial aid as well as wishing a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all owners, drivers and horse racing enthusiasts as well as their families.


Hon. Edward Scicluna said that the Ministry of Finance is supporting the Malta Racing Club in organising the first edition of the Twanny Bugeja Equestrian Festival which will honour the memory of the late sports journalist who was a fixture of local horse racing for over 37 years.


He paid tribute to Mr Bugeja and said that it was fitting to commemorate his career through an equestrian festival having been the voice for this sport for all those years thanks to his well researched and passionate horse racing commentaries.  He said that Twanny Bugeja was a perfectionist in all that he did – his job, his written articles, as a TV presenter, track commentator, General Secretary of the Malta Racing Club as well as local counciller. 

The Twanny Bugeja Equestrian Festival will be held on Monday 26th December 2016 at the Marsa Race Track and it will include pony, flat and harness races.  The festival is supported by the National Lotteries Good Causes Fund.

Lorraine Cunningham

Public Relations & Media

Malta Racing Club