Tuesday 20th December 2016

The Malta Racing Club Council has decided to organise two races to celebrate the best two horses in their respective categories.

Participation in these races is by invitation which will be extended to those owners whose horses have accumulated the most points in the most consistent horse classification. These two races will be handicap ones to balance the categories.

The races will be held during the first meeting of next season on Sunday 22nd January 2017 and the distance will be 2160m.

The first final will be for Premier, Gold and Silver categories in which 4 horses from each category will participate. Premier horses start with a 40m handicap and Gold with 20m.

The other final is for Bronze and Copper categories with 6 horses from each category participating. Bronze horses start with a 20m handicap.

Some horses might have changed classes during the season and so it will participate in the class during which he has won the most races. In case this was the same in different classes then the MRC will decide in which class he will participate.

Horses that were positive for doping during the season are not eligible to participate. The owners of eligible horses will be contacted to confirm their participation.  In case someone does not want to participate then the next horse of the same category will be invited.

The participation fee for these races is 60 euro for Premier/Gold/Silver and 40 euro for Bronze/Copper.

The total prize money for Premier/Gold/Silver is 8,500 euro and for Bronze/Copper 3,750 euro. 

The first four finishers will receive a token whilst two trophies are going to be inaugurated to be kept for one year by the winning owner.