Saturday 20th August 2016
New Rules

The Malta Racing Club Council has decided that with effect from 1st September the following rules will be enforced:


1. The race draws will no longer be done manually but automatically with a computer programme.

2. Owners will no longer be able to ask for their horse to be drawn with numbers 9 to 16 but can formally ask the race stewards so that their horse races with the last number in the race.

3. When a horse is scratched in a race the other horses move to the left but those in the second row do not move up. This means that for example if horse number 4 is scratched horses 5 to 8 move down and number 8 behind the autostart remains vacant.

4. If a horse has no more racing points or is disqualified more than 4 times due to irregular trotting then he has to do a test race. These test races will be scheduled before the start of the first race and will be under the stewards supervision. In order to pass the test race a horse needs to trot 1'20"0 or better. Horses to pass the test race will be awarded 40 points.

5. Newly registered horses that are 5 years old or younger will be registered with 50 points less than the supposed awarded points.