Wednesday 27th July 2016
European Championship for Professional Drivers

On Thursday, Noel Baldacchino will be leaving Malta for Germany so that on Friday he will participate in the European Championship for Professional Drivers.  This championship is being raced at the Racetrack of Berlin Mariendorf and each driver will be participating in six races over 1900m.


Twelve countries are participating in this championship - Gerhard Mayr (Austria), Rik Depuydt (Belgium), Birger Jorgensen (Denmark), Mika Forss (Finland), Matthieu Abrivard (France), Michael Nimczyk (Germany), Enrico Bellei (Italy), Csaba Lakatos (Hungary), Noel Baldacchino (Malta), Rick Ebbinge (The Netherlands), Eirik Hoitomt (Norway) and Bjorn Goop (Sweden).


Every driver is awarded points according to the position he finishes in each race and the driver who accumulates the most points is declared the European Champion.


45-year old Baldacchino became Malta's champion for the first time during the 2000/2001 season and he subsequently claimed this title another 8 times during the seasons 2001/2002, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015.  This year he is also heading the classification with a large margin having already won 55 races.


The six races that he will be participating in start at 16:00 and Noel Baldacchino will be driving the following horses - No. 11 Quick de Valdieu, No. 6 Inzagi, No. 12 Strauss, No. 11 Belee Cass, No. 8 Luca Brasi and No. 11 Dejaybo v Assum.


On behalf of everyone we wish Noel Baldacchino a positive result in this prestigious championship.


Lorraine Cunningham

Public Relations & Media Officer

Malta Racing Club